Basic tutorial

Signing Up

As a limited promotional tool, we are giving a sign up gift of 20 EUR to each new member. This amount is used to start your trial account through a trial waste package of 100kg. The trial account will expire in 60 days without an external funding through bank wire, credit card or Bitcoins.

After a successful initial external funding, your account will be activated and all waste packages will be merged.

Earning With Recyclix

We have available an online calculator that can show you your earnings potential.

Sample calculation on a 100 EUR Funding:

100 EUR of waste is 500kg. After three weeks you will have Regrind material worth EUR 200 (because the sale price for regrind is 0.40/kg).

If you click Recycle, you get 6% of waste purchase amount (your initial 100 EUR) as per guidelines and that is 6 EUR of profit.

After two more weeks you will have Granules worth 300 EUR (500 kg x .60/kg).

You click RESTART, and you get 8% of the difference between granules selling price and regrind selling price. In this case, 8% of 100 EUR (300 minus 200). This comes out to 8 EUR of profit.

So 6 EUR and 8 EUR are profits you keep when you keep recycling over and over without selling goods outright. The total gain is 14 EUR per 5-week cycle.

In order to transfer your accumulated profit to your account balance, please click on RECYCLE button after the completion of the cycle. Then the process begins again with the same volume of waste material you initially had.

By default, the option to sell granules is disabled for users with less than 33.33% sell revenue share to protect the users from mistakenly and prematurely selling their materials before it is profitable to do so. However, the sell feature can be enabled upon user request via email.

If you sell your goods, you will receive your share of the selling price, which is 25% by default with no equipment purchased. You will not get the full value of your goods because the revenue is shared between you (the customer) and us and other partners to cover company overhead and production expenses.

So the 300 EUR of granules would turn to 75 EUR of cashout when you sell them. You will also get the 6 EUR you earned for the first 3-week period of the cycle. However, you will NOT get the 8 EUR for the final 2-week period because that is an incentive only for people who choose to continue recycling. In total, you will get 81 EUR if you sell outright, and that is actually less than you initially had which was 100 EUR.

That is why we of course advise that it makes business sense to take out all of your funds and sell goods ONLY IF you have increased your revenue share beforehand by buying equipment shares to bring up your revenue split share at least 33.33% to make selling of goods turn a profit. You can only buy equipment shares, however, if you have at least 5,000kg of waste to begin with. If you have less than this, you can only turn a profit by keeping your goods intact and recycling continuously, only taking the 6% and 8% profit accordingly.

Maximizing Earnings

There are ways to boost your revenue. Below are three ways you can maximize your earnings:

  1. Fund your account to buy a larger volume of waste. The larger amount of waste you are processing, the higher the profits will be. We accept payments through wire transfer , Bitcoins, and credit cards with 3d authentication enabled (not pre-paid or virtual cards). The minimum funding amount is 20 EUR. The maximum one-time payment via credit cards is capped at 500 EUR, while Bitcoins and wire transfers are not limited. Payments will be reflected on your account as soon as it arrives into our own bank account which can take 1-3 business days, depending on bank schedule. We can also credit funds only when the billing department is open (weekdays, 10am-5pm Warsaw time). Purchasing waste packages or the usufructuary right for our recycling equipment using funds in your account balance is also possible.
  2. Purchase the usufructuary rights for the equipment used in the recycling process, but ONLY AFTER you have reached your quota of 5000 kilos of recycling material. By purchasing these usufructuary rights in the recycling equipment, you will be able to boost your revenue share from the default 25% up to 50% upon sale of granules depending on the number of equipment units purchased. Funds spent on purchase of the production facilities are non-refundable since they allow you to receive higher profits when you sell. More details about each equipment type and how it can boost your revenue share is available on the Equipment Units page here
  3. Invite others to join Recyclix and get a commission. Referral commission is the 12% reward you get as a reward for every new member who signs up and enters your unique account ID which can be found on your Edit Profile page. The commission only applies to Active members, meaning those that funded their accounts by BTC, bank account, or credit cards. The bonus EUR 20 we are giving to new members as a promotion is not counted, as well as any internal reinvestment they make nor actual recycling profits. Commissions are released after 7 days on hold.

Please note that we do not allow more than one account per person.

Withdrawal of Profits

You can withdraw from your balance into your Paypal account, Bitcoin wallet, or a SEPA bank account in your name. The minimum withdrawal amount is 20 EUR. In order to place a payout request, please click on your balance button at the upper right corner of your member’s area page, indicate the necessary payout amount, choose the payout method, and specify all necessary information about the payee.

Payout requests are processed on business days during working hours, from 10 AM to 5PM, Warsaw time. All Bitcoin payments are performed automatically but depend on blockchain confirmations, Paypal requests are processed within 1-3 business days, and bank transfers are done on business days only.

Transaction History

We have available a page where you can monitor your financial transactions and profits in real time. Here you can see historical data on your Payments, Withdrawal, Purchase, Sell, Profit, and Referral to make it easier for you to keep track of your account activities.