Working with

The biggest advantage of working with us is almost complete non-involvement from your part and the minimum spendings of your time. Prices for plastic are wayward and they constantly change depending on the whole array of various factors. However, you can entrust all of it to us: our company has been in this industry for a really long time and we always keep tabs on the market fluctuations. We not only know the market through and through, but also provide you with the most attractive prices and process materials very quickly.

We offer you a more elaborate package deal than the majority of other recycling industry companies. Thanks to a variety of cutting-edge technologies and tools, we make the whole process of purchase and sale of recycled plastic really quick and effective. Apart from it, we will be glad to provide you with partnership programs and service packages individually tailored to your needs, whether you are a buyer or seller.

Our services is more than just a recycling trader. We’ve created our company in order to bring plastic recycling to a new level. We offer our clients an integrated package of services and help companies find and implement economically effective solutions in every particular case.

Waste management

Waste management means cooperative purchase of waste on demand from our customers. We look for trustworthy suppliers of raw material as well as make delivery, warehousing, and preparation of the raw material for processing. Then we competently carry out all necessary operations in the technological process of material processing, sale the goods, and distribute the profits.

Collaboration with businesses and producers

  • Minority ownership in the business;

  • Providing factories with the complete working cycle: recycling, processing, and delivery of reprocessed granules. For example, by making film of 100% recyclable materials, expenses for its purchase for farming companies will be cut by 20% on the average;

  • Outsourcing of production facilities by the third-party companies on a commercial basis.

  • Carrying out raw material supplies for various factories;

  • Assistance in carrying out awareness-raising campaigns about recycling and explaining the importance of waste recycling for ecology.

Sell plastic waste and generate income

  • If your company is producing plastic waste that it doesn’t need, we would like to help you turn this waste into a real income flow. Don’t have time or experience to sell it yourself? Contact us. We’ll find the buyer much faster than the competitors.

`Go green` using eco-friendly techniques

  • Instead of taking the plastic waste to the waste grounds, better get in touch with our company and we’ll help you sell your plastic waste for further recycling. Eco-friendly green recycling businesses are a rapidly-growing trend in the modern world. And our company will help you join this trend. You can do something new and help the environment by selling your plastic waste and earn at the same time.

High accountability and transparency

  • creates technological innovations and front-rank business tools in order to facilitate the process of purchase and sale of plastic waste. Stop messing around with piles of unnecessary papers and team up with us to enjoy your individual database for deal management in our web system.

You will find detailed information about weight, profits, prices, and deadlines as well as other valuable business analytics in your member’s area. This is crucial and transparent data that the clients have the right to know and must know in order to correctly estimate the profits and trustworthiness of the transaction.