Why should you buy and sell recycled plastic with Recyclix.com?

Our company has been collaborating with the main suppliers that sell recycled plastic and manufacturing companies that stock on plastic waste for a long time. Our vast and diversified portfolio of suppliers will help you obtain large quantities of raw materials on a continuous basis from trustworthy and low-risk sources.


  • Nationwide coverage
    We purchase raw materials from trusted nationwide companies and count with close business ties with the national network of suppliers. If you need to purchase LDPE or PP, we will help you cut down on delivery expenses thanks to buying plastic waste from suppliers in your region or state.

  • Integrity and quality assurance
    It happens that sometimes clients start working with brokers that ask them to pay everything in advance, but then deliver poor results and don’t meet the deadline. Recyclix.com has been working in the waste recycling market for many years in a row and during this time managed to build strong and mutually rewarding business ties with hundreds of clients that trust it. By collaborating with our company you will always receive the best possible service and get your order on time according to the highest quality standards.

  • Risk management
    Every deal is about trust. This is especially important in waste recycling business where suppliers and buyers that collaborate with each other can be divided by hundreds or thousands miles. We mitigate risks and save you from uncertainty in purchase and sale of plastic waste. Our time-tested processes and ground-breaking technologies help keep the whole procedure under strict control and give protection to both parties. Buyers get the goods that they’ve paid for and sellers are offered advantageous and fair prices.

Essential goods: Polypropylene and polyethylene

Low-density polyethylene

LDPE plastic (low-density polyethylene) is given the recycling marking #4

A separate segment of our business is polyethylene recycling. Our company specializes in purchase of polyethylene waste and its further processing and sale. In order to recycle and process polyethylene we use the technology of extrusion of refinery waste with its further grinding in order to receive recycled granulated material which is used for making goods.

Currently farming companies purchase film made of recycled LDPE in large quantities on a yearly basis. The target market is seeing a continuous growth in demand for this product, meanwhile usage of recycled material allows for cutting down on your spending.

LDPE is low-density polyethylene which is meant for producing extra-strong commercial packaging and shrink wrap. It’s processed really easily using common extrusion equipment through blow molding at melt temperatures of 170°С to 230°С or 340F to 450F. Upon complete compliance with the applicable processing conditions, this polymer combines excellent qualities of recyclability with high stress-strain properties.

We can offer you LDPE both for cast molding and extrusion with various MFIs, which comes in neutral, white, and black colors.


PP plastic (polypropylene) is given the recycling marking #5

Polypropylene is one of the most widely-used plastics in the world. Polypropylene recycling technology is pretty simple. It doesn’t require highly-specialized manufacturing facilities and any method of plastic recycling can be used to process it.

Demand for polypropylene is quite high since it is used to produce such goods as water and sewage pipes, various films, and packaging materials.

Sell your waste

We are interested in purchase of large quantities of LDPE and PP materials and we’d like to invite industry companies for mutually rewarding collaboration. Please send photos of your raw materials to our procurement department together with the description of its characteristics and weight.