Summing up 2015: Analysis, Progress, and Further Goals

The material suppliers that we have become affiliated with are eager to provide us with large quantities of film for recycling on a regular basis, meaning an even more important contribution to the planet and higher gains for all our recyclers.

This partnership will also mean significant expansion of our manufacturing facilities in Latvia in order to be able to process the growing volumes of waste. That step, which will lead to broadening Recyclix activities all around the world, is considered to be of key importance to us and all development and pre-construction works are already going at full speed. The total amount of investments in the factory expansion will increase to €2 million.

This will increase the production capacity from the current 750 to 2000 tons per month. We are also proud to say that the success and continued expansion of Recyclix also makes it a great place to work, with around 130 employees in the facility operations, support and management teams.

More detailed information about the date of placement of the new manufacturing facilities into service will be available shortly. We will definitely let you know about it as soon as we have it.

We will continue taking part in various ecology and recycling exhibitions around the world on a regular basis in order to promote our company's mission. Unfortunately, the exhibition in Brussels that we planned to attend in November was postponed due to the security situation in the city. However, it has been rescheduled for March 22 and 23, 2016. Please click here for visitor information and to register your attendance free of charge.

And now let's get back to the news about the world's current ecologic climate and recycling industry. Though a lot more effort is channelled into the development of recycling industry yearly, in which Recyclix takes part too, the climate change and its disastrous effects on the environment keep on troubling the global community and common people. You probably noticed yourself that the winters are not as cold as they were before and summers are getting hotter and hotter.

Just a few weeks ago Paris hosted COP 21, or the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, which was visited by all the UN country members who brainstormed the ways in which we all can unite against the climate change and help keep the Earth clean and safe for our children.

Recyclix completely shares this aim and considers it as one of its most important missions. This is why we have established an NGO called Monde Nouveau in the town of Agboville in Côte d'Ivoire. Its aims involve spearheading activities that raise awareness and funds for the environment in the African region. Apart from it, this NGO plays an important role in broadening the presence and influence of Recyclix on a global scale.

Talking about the expansion activities, we would like to let you know that we are planning to open new Recyclix branches in Agadir, Morocco, Koblenz, Germany and Parana, Brazil in order to promote the go green movement and have a local presence in these countries and regions. The company's office in Morocco and Germany is to be opened in the beginning of the year, whilst the establishment of our Brazilian branch is planned for early spring 2016. Creation of the branches will be followed by the successive establishment of waste recycling factories in these countries. We will keep you informed about this and will definitely tell you more on the issue in our next newsletters.

Before bringing the last Recyclix newsletter in 2015 to a conclusion, we would like to say a few words about the new features we added to our website. The most important thing that has been added recently is a new two-factor verification system for processing payments. This development will make withdrawals made by our recyclers safer and will eliminate the possibility of unauthorized access to their funds stored on Recyclix. Each payout will now have to be confirmed by clicking a link we will send to the registered email address of the account before it expires in 24 hours.

Due to the increasing volume of requests and deposits, we will now levy a fee of 5 euros for every incorrect or incomplete bank deposit. To avoid this fee, please make sure that the payment memo field is filled out exactly as indicated in your invoice (i.e. Waste Management Services, ref. KSJxxxxxxxxxxxx date. dd/mm-yyyy). We also reiterate that it is not allowed to fund your account using someone else’s bank account or credit card, even with their permission. In the same way, you should also only withdraw into a bank or Paypal account in your own name.

For users who are preparing their end of year tax declarations as required by their countries, we will have the printable PDF form available soon.

This is where we would like to finish our letter - with detailed news and current developments of Recyclix, and by wishing you happy holidays once more. Today Recyclix feels as committed to providing you with the best and most advantageous recycling services as ever, and guarantees that the next year will bring even more positive news associated with the advancement of our mission all over the world, helping the Earth's environment, and increasing your earnings.

One team, one dream. Simply Recyclix.
See you all in 2016!
All the best and happy holidays,
Your Recyclix Family