Riga open days 2016

DATE: 2.5.2016–5.5.2016

Dear recyclers,
This month came to be unique for Recyclix and its partners because it featured a very special occasion. Two weeks ago we hosted our first Open Days and it proved to be a huge success and a magical time both for us and all participants.

Today we would like to tell all those of you who could not join us on 2nd to 5th of May about our first official meeting with partners—what it was dedicated to and how it was structured—as well as give you an insight on Recyclix’s future plans and new features.

To tell you the truth, when the idea about organizing the Open Days first came to our mind, we weren’t at all sure about it. However, it looks like we underestimated your interest, enthusiasm, and support for Recyclix and its mission for a cleaner future.

Over 90 people traveled all the way to Riga, Latvia, from all across the world to join us in interesting discussions, become the first to learn about our future plans, participate in enlightening Q&A sessions, and simply have a good time.

We were really glad to see so many like-minded people who came to the same place from different cities and countries thanks to the mutual cause of a healthier and richer world they are fighting for. The nature seemed to notice this and the weather played into our hands with the sun shining over the four-day duration of the event that was full of facility guided tours, presentations, and team meetings.

Our guest speaker, Ms. Natalija Cudecka-Purinja from the Latvian Ministry of Environmental Protection and Development, voiced her opinion about the importance of private businesses and initiatives like Recyclix in assisting the European Union Countries to comply with the 2020 EU regulations for waste management and combating the climate change.

And lastly but not least importantly, we made sure that it was not all non-stop business for our guests. Apart from work-related meetings and discussions, these four days featured various social and networking events like numerous breaks for fragrant coffee and tasty food as well as a splendid three-course dinner and an exciting entertainment courtesy of the Latvia's most famous magician, Mr. Fox, at Ridzene hotel in Riga.

Music and dancing filled the evening festivities with good vibes when a popular singer in Latvia, sang her best hits and the DJ played good tunes until midnight.

Happiness and pride are two words that describe our feelings after the event the best way and we would like you to know that it was an honor for us to see and host all of you. We hope that we were able to come up to and exceed your expectations and we promise that we will never fall short of them.

It was a great pleasure to have you with us during that week and show you what real Recyclix is all about: a friendly and business-minded family of dozens of thousands of fellow thinkers who share the same goal of a better world and ensuring their financial security through limitless opportunities that the ever-growing recycling industry is happy to offer.

An announcement of a crucial importance for the future growth of Recyclix—as well as your and your families’ growth—was made during the Open Days this month. We are planning to establish two new waste recycling facilities in Poland and Latvia.

The first one, which will be located in the city of Nysa in Poland, is scheduled to enter into the operation in autumn of 2016. The second plant, which will be located in Daugavpils, Latvia, is to be open in Q2 2017. When these two waste management factories start functioning, our total monthly waste recycling capacity will be of 3000 tonns per month.

This is yet another important step in the development and global recognition of Recyclix services—and its positive impact on the environment—that will make it possible for us to grow transcontinentally and exponentially.

Our rapid expansion worldwide, bringing more and more people to enter our website and sign up as our partners, requires us to ensure the long-term security and provide a means of constant growth for our investors and members.

This is why we updated our Terms of Use regarding non-depositing members and decided to continue to give the €20 sign-up bonus so that the new users can learn how the system works in a direct way and see for themselves if it’s what they were looking for and whether they would like to join our ever-growing partner pool.

However, all accounts that have no personal deposits made within 60 after signing-up will be deemed inactive and will be no longer available for use. All older accounts, which will not see any personal deposits from today for 60 days onwards, will be removed too.

Another thing that we would like to share with you today is our promotional video contest which we told you about in the previous letter. The deadline for submission of entries is extended until 1st of July. We will be waiting for your creative ideas at contest@recyclix.com. Now is the time to bring this newsletter to a close and we would like to conclude it with sharing a couple of photos from the Recyclix Open Days in Riga. It doesn’t matter at all whether you have been there or not, we are sure that these images will make you feel the same way as we do.

Every time we look at these photos, we feel really proud and grateful for what we have achieved so far. But apart from it, by looking at these pictures we understand that the numerous small victories that we have secured are only the beginning of years-long path towards deep respect for the environment and financial prosperity that does not jeopardize the world around us. And we are sure that with your tremendous and whole-hearted supported we will be able to go along this path up until the end without a single roadblock.

Those who could not join us this time will have an opportunity to participate in the next Recyclix Open Days, which will take place in late September in Poland. In only four months we will organize another event full of business discussions, exciting and ambitious plans that we will make a reality, and fun. You are invited.

The exact dates and further details will be announced in our future newsletters. Be sure to stay tuned and let the countdown start.

I thank all of you once again for your hard-working spirits and interest in helping Recyclix grow and fighting for the cause of a brighter and cleaner future where the technology, human development, and financial strength come together and work as one.

One team, one dream. Simply Recyclix.
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All the best,
Dmitry Paladiy
Recyclix CEO