Answering Important Questions on Current Events and Future Developments

Over the past couple of weeks, which were spent on working towards a sensible and efficient solution to the obstacles Recyclix encountered, we received an array of questions about the current events and further developments in our company via our social media and customer support services.

That is why we picked out the most frequent of them and decided to provide transparent and clear answers to those issues that are most important to you in this special Q&A session.

Question: What is currently happening with Recyclix?

Answer: Following a streak of unfortunate events that Recyclix was recently challenged with, we came across a display of mala fide behaviour and attitudes on behalf of some of our partners who decided to take advantage of the company’s unstable situation and failed to meet their obligations. All of this led to an unexpected lack of working assets and funds at Recyclix’s disposal.

Q: How is the company going to handle it and what will happen with my investment?

A: A special crisis management program that will handle provision of the corresponding compensations to the users—about which we are going to tell you more below—will be implemented in the soonest possible time.

Q: What will happen with Recyclix as soon as the crisis management program has been successfully completed?

A: In the coming days the current executive board of Recyclix as well as all customer support and all other team members will leave the company, whilst the crisis management program will be launched and carried out from start to finish by a group of professionals with relevant experience who were not associated with the company before.

Q: What was the reason for such a sudden and drastic change in the company’s functioning?

A: Regretfully, a sequence of unfavorable proceedings beyond anyone’s control that we were faced with led to a plunge in the company’s reputation, reaffirming the need for establishing a different and more pliant structure and business model.

Following these events the concept of the company was reconsidered and a new business model meant to ensure a long-standing functioning of green and renewable energy projects was masterminded. This is why it was decided that after handing the reins over to the experts in crisis management, the current executive board members will leave Recyclix for a new green project that will serve as a revenue source to solve the issue of pending withdrawals.

Q: A new project? What about it?

A: With a revised and enhanced business model, our operations will be shifted to South America. Our ultimate goal is to devise a system that constantly generates revenue without the need to attract new users as well as runs and regulates itself without jeopardizing its own integrity. Such system will be backed by a green community that is lead and managed by shareholders or members with voting rights from this very community.

More information and details about the new venture will be made public in the near future.

Q: Earlier you mentioned the crisis management program. Can you tell me more about it?

A: In the coming days the new management board of Recyclix will form a special crisis management pool and make certain changes in the company’s production workflows in order to ensure a smooth process of handling compensations for users.

Q: What exactly the crisis management program will feature?

A: The newly developed crisis management program consists of four steps.

Firstly, experts from the new executive board of Recyclix will host a public webinar sharing details about the company’s current financial activities and revealing a schedule of the oncoming compensations.

Secondly, an online crisis management center for settlement of payments will be opened. Thirdly, a thorough audit of the company’s assets and funds will be carried out. Fourthly, a special crisis management pool will be formed in order to commence the procedure of providing user compensations.

Apart from this, to make sure that this process takes place in a transparent and seamless way, additional strategically important administrative units—an internal committee of fiscal and property audit as well as a committee for establishing a crisis management pool—will be formed.

Yours sincerely,