Recyclix® on Temporary Decline in Production Capacity

One of the major fires for the past few years in Poland broke out in Brożku landfills last week, February 14th, affecting the Zielona Gora Recyclix facility in Poland along with the storehouse and the waste that was kept there. 17 fire units were working on the site while the fire covered 1.5 hectares of land without leaving anything aside.

Recyclix is a manufacturing business that is strongly dependent on the capacity of the raw material, namely the waste for further recycling and pellets production. The massive fire that has arisen in Brożku landfills not only affected the facility and the equipment line, but furthermost destroyed a significant amount of waste intended for recycling. Fortunately, the facility and the warehouse were insured and the insurance company is now further evaluating the fire case in order to comply with all the procedures.

Recyclix representatives have visited the facility and already estimated the primary loss, stating that the waste capacity has significantly decreased at the moment. Due to the sufficient loss of waste and damage to the equipment, Recyclix is forced to use all its resources to recover from the fire without stopping the further manufacture. The current situation led to certain difficulties in maintaining the balance between the waste volume being in recycling and the real waste capacity.

In order to continue and be able to proceed with the recycling, revenue payments and further manufacture, Recyclix was forced to adhere to the recovery plan, that way restoring the previous capacity and getting back on the track. It is expected to regain the former balance by June, 2017.

Albeit the risks that come along with the manufacturing business and affect all the involved members, Recyclix would like to point out that the actions taken should be perceived as non-other but a Force Majeure inevitable recovery plan to execute the further operation as smooth as possible. Therefore, all Recyclix website users, who deposited before the fire on February 14th, 2017, will be divided into following categories:

1) Users who are in profit and with less than 33.3% revenue share

2) Users with 33,3% revenue share and in profit

3) Users with less than 33.3% revenue share or not yet in profit

Each group will be assigned a certain % of the waste quota decrease to balance the current waste capacity and operate smoothly during the recovery period, expected till June, 2017.

Since Recyclix has proved itself as a strong, reliable and fair partner in the past few years, we dare to hope that users stay loyal and share the risks of the recycling business, accepting the offered recovery option.

Recyclix has experienced a big amount of payout requests over the last month and has implemented certain restrictions in order to process the queue as fast as possible, but there are still payments pending. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience or frustration this caused you and reaffirm that Recyclix payment department has worked hard to resolve the issue and is almost back to the usual operating mode, despite the above mentioned situation.

However, please note that as required by the banking institutions compliance procedures, in order to process wire payments, Recyclix is obliged to confirm every user’s ID and Recyclix-registered address. To receive the wire payment, the ID and address verification documents (ID, utility bill, bank statement, postal ID etc.) have to be uploaded into the system. This is a one-time procedure intended only for internal use of Recyclix. All document verifications are processed manually and might take up to 3-5 business days.

Considering the situation, Recyclix is likely to revise and extend the deadline for the new registrations and waste-buying option through its current Online-Recycling-Platform that was previously set to October 2017. Recyclix expects that to be revised and announced by June, 2017, after the recovery period termination.

We would appreciate if, considering the circumstances, you would stay patient and loyal. We apologize again for the delay and thank you for your time. We have been happy with our business relationship and trust this incident will not jeopardize our future dealings.

More details on the fire in Brożku landfills can be found in the local polish mass media.