Fresh update, features and contest

Dear Recyclers,
We didn't lose time during the Christmas and New Year holidays and decided to spend it on working on our project and improving it. This year's first newsletter includes latest updates on new features and offers you a brief notice on security.

This year promises to be even busier and more dynamic than 2015 and we are looking ahead to it with enthusiasm, optimism, and eagerness. The following 12 months will bring establishment of new recycling factories, opening of new Recyclix offices all around the world, and constant developments and improvements in our website and services.

First off, we are working on the diversification of goods that we produce. Currently we only produce recycled granules, which can be used to manufacture a great variety of plastic goods. But we are planning to launch production of trash bags and stretch packaging plastic film for both industrial and household use. However, we won't stop there.

That is why we welcome all of you to participate in a contest to come up with the best tool made of polymer/plastic that will be helpful in everyday life. It can by anything that will be truly useful to common people: kitchen appliances, tools for household and garden use, device parts, and more. Each user can have only ONE entry in the contest. The submitted suggestion should be unique and original, meaning it is not already existing or widely available. Other criteria will be creativity, usefulness of the tool, and marketability.

Don't feel shy, send your big idea together with your Recyclix account ID number at There will be one grand prize winner of 3000€, and two runner ups who will each receive 1000€. If a winning idea is submitted more than once, the first user who sent it in will be considered the winner. We will be waiting for your thoughts and ideas until 1st of February, and the announcement of the winners will be held at our booth at the Plastics Recycling Show at the Brussels Expo on March 22-23. Good luck!

And now, on to our new features. As you might have already noticed, we added your account ID to the member's area. Do not forget to include this account ID in your message every time you contact our support staff so they can work more efficiently and save your time.

We believe that growing technically is important, but administrative and service growth is important too. We are proud to inform you that Recyclix launches corporate accounts for those people who own a business and would like to get involved with the program on a corporate level and enjoy more profitable collaboration terms.

Please send us a message at if you are a business owner and would like to learn more about corporate accounts. You will be answered shortly and given all necessary information and further instructions.

We would also like to request the attention of users who withdraw to their bank accounts, especially those that are outside the EU. Please ensure that your bank account details are properly and accurately entered to avoid bank rejections resulting into delays in completing your transactions. We will also lock in bank account details already on record in the system to avoid further typographical mistakes and formatting errors.

Lastly, when it comes to the Internet and online-based services, security is absolutely essential. It remains our top priority in everything we do, especially because our company in associated with finances where security is of utmost importance.

Recyclix's financial security system is being continuously streamlined by our expert IT department to make it bulletproof. However, lately we have noticed certain suspicious activities by some deceptive users attempting to access the funds of legitimate recyclers.

To prevent such situations, we have added a two-factor authentication feature using Google Authenticator, which is an application you can download on your tablet or smart phone. This feature would require a code generated by the app to be entered within the time limit before you can log in to your account. Please go to your Profile page and follow the instructions there to enable this security feature on your account. Users without a tablet or smart phone can still log in, but without the benefit of this added security layer.

In the end, we would like to remind you that keeping your account secure is still primarily your responsibility and we ask you to store your login and password in a safe place inaccessible to others. Here are a few helpful tips on password security that we would like to share with you:

  • Never use the same password for your email address and your Recyclix account;
  • Never reveal your password to anyone, even to your closest friends and family;
  • Never use your Recyclix password for other websites or services;
  • Make sure that your passwords have at least 12 characters, include upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters;
  • Don't forget to change your password on a regular basis.

We recommend you to get familiar with the contents of this article for further detailed information on password storage and security:

That's where we would like to bring this newsletter to a conclusion. We wish you a successful 2016 and would like to assure you that we will continue to work hard towards our mutual benefit and a cleaner world. Keep recycling with us!

One team, one dream. Simply Recyclix.

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All the best,
Dmitri Paladi
Recyclix CEO