Generate high and stable revenue by purchasing waste, processing it, and then selling.

By placing your capital in waste, you provide yourself with the best and most reliable asset because nowadays you can resell it. Secondary product that has been recycled always costs much higher than the raw material.

We are engaged in the process of refining - you get profit.

You won’t be directly involved in the recycling process if you team up with us. Our professional staff members will be engaged in the technological processes that let turn waste into money. You will simply earn on its purchase and sale using our system that gives you open access to the international waste markets.

We have combined the most common things, the Internet and waste recycling, and turned into an innovational product that works. Become an environmentalist today and start earning.

Key Industry Facts


Of all plastics
are recycled


of EU plastics
are exported to China


Times growth for
past 50 years

Our philosophy is all about the modern approach to waste recycling. We use the Internet opportunities to attract as many people as possible to participate in our global project and make this industry more commercially viable.

Join this rapidly growing industry now in order to help the planet get rid of waste by joint effort and ensure your stable income for many years to come. After all, it feels awesome to do something good and be helpful. Let’s start together right now!

Our unique income management system combines everything that one needs to receive high and stable income: efficiency, transparency, and user-friendliness. We work so that you don’t lose a cent and earn more to contribute to the environment and your future.

Recycling is a Green Way to maximize your capital gains

Great Convenience

Additional Income

Full Transparency

Confidence in actions

Start receiving profits is Easy!

  • 1. Get an account
  • 2. Purchase waste at low price same day
  • 3. Sell recycled waste at high price in 3 or 5 weeks


large waste supplies are ensured to guarantee non-stop recycling process


fair raw material purchase and product sale price


revenues are much more attractive than bank deposits


manage your waste recycling process from anywhere


  • How much can I earn?
    • The amount of your earnings depends directly on the amount of raw material you have purchased using our service. Also, you should mind that the revenue rate depends on the material type that you have chosen too. The average monthly revenue rate is from 8 to 14%.
  • How many tons of waste does your company process?
    • Our current production capacity is up to 3.000 tons of film waste a month, we are increasing this capacity constantly by building new recycling facilities and modernizing our existing facilities
  • How does your company work?
    • Our company is built using vertical integration method, which lets us quicker and more effective develop new products for our clients, considering the accumulated experience and access to the vast stocks of raw material.
  • What exactly does your company do?
    • We purchase waste using the capital of the project’s participants for its recycling and further sale of the end product. Also, we raise funds to help increase the production capacity of our manufacturing plants and provide our clients with waste management services.
  • What kind of goods do you offer?
    • Our principal branch of activities is recycling of LDPE and that’s why we sell granules made solely of LDPE. Our secondary business dimension is recycling of PP and PE.
  • Can you pay me with waste and vice versa?
    • Sure you can! More to it, if you take the initiative and offer our goods to various factories, you will be able to offer them a higher price and sell it to them, or use it at your manufacturing plants.
  • Can I hand over my waste to your company?
    • We will be glad to collect the waste generated by your factory or plant. Apart from it, we collaborate with various agents and companies that can offer you large quantities.
  • How can I find you?
    • Our HQ is located in Warsaw, whilst the production facilities are based in Latvia and Poland.
  • How can I earn with your company?
    • There are several ways that you can use to generate revenue with Recyclix. The easiest way is to purchase the waste and give it to us for its further recycling using the services our website offers. The second way is about spreading the word about our service among your friends and colleagues and receiving a commission upon their participation. The third way is to help us strike profitable contracts.
  • How long does the recycling process take?
    • On the average, we process about 1 ton of waste an hour. When you enter to your member’s area on our website, you will see that the waste you purchased is being processed in accordance with the allocated quotas for the project’s participants. It takes around 3 weeks to shred the waste and about two weeks to turn it into granules.
  • How does the recycling process go?
    • Firstly, the waste is sorted out, then it’s washed with cold water, after that it is shredded, and then it is turned into granules.
  • From where do you get raw material for processing?
    • The principal part of the waste comes from various farming establishments. Also, we use the waste that comes from various factories as well as purchase it from resellers and garbage collectors.
  • To whom do you sell the final product?
    • The majority of our goods is sold to various producers of plastic bags and cling film as well as pipe and tube producers and resellers. Since the application field of the recycled material is really wide, the demand exceeds our current production capacity.
  • What’s the company’s profit margin?
    • The complete return on investment from a business that costs 3.5 mln EUR is about 2 years.
  • What are the risks?
    • The key difficulty is ensuring that all raw materials that come to your manufacturing plants are homogenous and pure. Low-quality raw materials, which usually come from the waste grounds, have a foul smell and may be unfit for sale even after having been recycled. There’s a risk that the raw materials will have certain foreign matter like pieces of metal car bumpers, which will lead to the equipment failure and business interruption. Also, sometimes the vendor requires granules that possess certain characteristics like freeze resistance, durability, viscosity, and so on. If one doesn’t have the necessary knowledge and skills upon waste processing and recycling, there’s a high risk of exhibition of manufacturing inconsistencies.
  • How can I contribute to the project?
    • The ticket to success of any similar project, apart from spreading the word about the project, is about the suppliers of high-quality raw material. If you have contacts with various factories, plants or manufacturing establishments, please offer them to strike a contract on recycling their waste with our company.
  • Can I open similar company?
    • Obviously, you can open the same kind of a company. Difficulties that you may face upon establishment of your own recycling business are the acquisition of waste recycling license, selection of the right equipment, its installation and adjustment, entering into raw material supply contracts, and renting the manufacturing facilities. Also, coordination of the necessary electricity capacity, connection of the equipment to the water delivery and sewage systems, hiring technical staff, maintaining the high level of quality of the support service, and sale of the end product may trouble you a bit.
  • Where can I find the market analysis and its prospects?
    • You can get familiar with the offers and news on the European recycling market on this website: Also, you can find a lot of pertinent information on this topic on the website of This association lobbied the law on prohibition of waste dumping and is the key NGO that supports recycling businesses and conducts a dialogue with the local administration in Europe. The 2014 market analysis data can be downloaded here:
  • Why do you need me?
    • Our company attracts capital from various sources, including bank lending. EU banks only give funding to four waste recycling projects in Poland and the amount of the funds is far less than desired. Presence of available funds for purchase of waste, which generate earnings that we partially share with the project’s participants, is the guarantee of uninterrupted operation of our recycling plants.
  • How can I know that your company is real?
    • You can visit our production facilities yourself and see it with your own eyes.