Recycling of industrial plastic waste

Recyclix sp. z o.o. offers its clients a wide array of recycled polymer granules made of high quality materials.
Plastic recycling manufacturing facilities

Your waste, your profit

Our company purchases recyclable materials and all kinds of plastic and polyethylene waste. We are eager to purchase all waste that you may have been throwing away without even thinking that it could be sold. Moreover, the prices for secondary raw materials that we offer are highly attractive.
Purchase and recycling of waste

Manufacturing and sale of granules

Plastic granules that we produce are made for casting and extrusion molding of polymer goods with different melt flow index values as well as a wide array of plastic goods that are used in furniture industry, construction, and other sectors. Apart from it, the granules may be used for casting of small furniture and production of large parts, construction and mechanical items, vehicle components, and household goods.
Sale of plastic granules

We vouch for the quality of our materials and perform meticulous quality control of every step of the manufacturing process of recycled granules. The end product is then tested under strict laboratory conditions.

Manufacturing facilities

Our production

Become our partner

Our company collaborates with many large manufacturers and distribution chains and we would be glad to see your business join our partner network.

Working with us means that you are not just selling plastic waste but also turning it into eco-friendly goods through recycling.